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In Defense Of... Lana Del Rey's Artistic Credibility

      So you may think I'm starting a blog about Lana Del Rey, now with two essays in a row, but that is not the case. In fact this is the first of something I'll be doing on this blog; essays that are "In Defense Of.." The concept is, I'll be defending things that most dislike/are in an uproar over/just things that I don't agree with most people about. In this case, its this lame mudslinging at Lana Del Rey. I happen to like her art, so it's obvious that I am a fan. But the point of the "In Defense Of" articles are to defend the thing in question, but not as a "fan boy," I mean give actual reasons why I believe the way I do, and present alternate thoughts. Future essays will include In defense of The Twilight Saga, that I've had in my head for a couple years now. See I agree in many way with many who claim Twilight is a poorly written/acted franchise, but it gets far too much bashing, when there are far worse things like The Vampire Diaries out there. Plus the fact the world's "Best, Worst Author," Stephanie Meyer, got an entire generation, that didn't know what books WERE; reading. I see that as a very good thing, despite her.."interesting" style of writing. But that will all be in that essay, so look forward to it. Just to be clear though, the I.D.O. essays arnt necessarily going to be me defending things like this one on Lana Del Rey, it isnt going to be me just saying everyone is wrong, cause I said so, and strive to not sound like a completely bias asshole. That's the point of the essays; to counter the 1000's out there already whom that^^ describes.

Lana Del Rey

      So last time I wrote an essay explaining Lana Del Rey's newest video for Born To Die. I didn't get into the typical things everyone else on the internet is writing/blogging about her; I barely mentioned it/how ridiculous it is, and just wrote about the work. Now, her record is out, and the internet chatter about her hasn't seemed to die at all, like I assumed/hoped it would. But this is weird, it's like everyone will not leave this artist alone; it's like an unreasonable agenda of some kind against her, without any good reasons. I feel this is worthy of this essay; so many people really have some huge sticks up their pretentious asses over Lana Del Rey. The two main things people will just not let go are: her millionaire father and her odd SNL performance. And her supposed (it looks certain to me) lip surgery, and even more trivial/just silly things to try to discredit a new artist over. One main thing that irritates me is, some who never even saw the SNL performance, will not give this artist a chance now. That is just total bullshit, in fact, that's the only way I can describe this whole thing; bullshit. Really there's no "proper" way to put it. I've never seen a brand new, unknown artist, (to mainstream audiences..) get so much hate before their debut record is even out. If the things were even somewhat justifiable, I'd maybe understand, but it's as if this artist was handpicked to drag down, and sadly, it seems most just WANT to see this artist fail. Why? What exactly is going on here? I often hear the she's "manufactured" mantra, then these people in the same blog are talking about Justin Timberlake's new film (In Time) coming to DVD/BR, and how they can't wait for him to put out his long overdue new record. WHAT?! Now I actually like JT's music, some of it, that last record was almost a perfect pop record; right? But I am not a pretentious art snob, who goes on about "selling out" (OK: if an artist sells ONE burned cd of their work, for a PENNY; they have sold out; everyone you listen to has "sold out" somehow!) or accuses artists of being manufactured and such. But IF I were, (a pretentious art fuck..) come on; Justin Timberlake was pretty much groomed for his job as an entertainer sense childhood; by fucking Disney! Yet Lana Del Rey is "manufactured"..Okay.

     Watch SNL's Kristen Wiig spoof Lana wonderfully, on the episode following her performance where,   "I must have clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem." - Wiig as Rey.

      I loved the SNL performance. I liked SNL's response to the bad feedback on last nights episode, (the next live episode sense she was the guest) Kristen Wiig spoofed her, but they actually kinda had her back from all the odd (it REALLY is strange!) hate: "Yes, I didnt live up to the HIGH BAR SNL has set with such guests as The Baha Men, Bubba Sparxxx, ect"; LOL! And "Correct, NO respectable/successful artist has EVER changed their real name!..except Sting, Madonna, Cher, Eminem, Jay-Z, ALL rappers, Lady Gaga, ect." Ha! Very True. My favorite line Wig said was, "I get accused of being stiff, distant, and weird. The reason for this is: I'M stiff, distant, and weird!" Nice, I'm glad SNL/Kristen Wig managed to spoof and defend her in a really clever way. It seems even a show that infamously mocks/trashes everything, agrees with me that people are going way out of line as far as Lana/her performance. "Distant and weird" or "eccentric" is the word I'd use, (some think "weird" is an insult; I certainly do not, proud to be weird/eccentric!) is a pretty good description of Lana's music; perhaps "stiff" too. In the essay on her music video, I noted her music does has a unnervingly slow pace, purposefully; and much like the slow build of dread (or "weird/eccentric" things) of a David Lynch film. I like this style, it's very innovative. I can see others not personally liking a sound; but this giant attack is more so toward the artist herself; rather than the art. That should NEVER happen in art, it's very trivial; that's why I often don't WANT to know how my favorite artists are as people; it's irrelevant, only the art matters. 

I was really shocked that so many agreed with that jackass NBC news anchor, (yeah..like I care what "news" people say anyway.. The news is all scripted; I dare anyone to argue that after watching These 2-3 mins!) who started the whole SNL aspect, that Lana was the WORST performer on SNL EVER. What? Where on earth is this all coming from? The spoof was very right; I remember MANY times of watching SNL semi- periodically through my life, changing over to Mad TV or ANYTHING else, due to a poor/uninteresting performance by a new (or worse, older..) artist. So what exactly is everyone's problem? Is it the issue of her father's money; that seems to be the most talked about "negative" thing, surrounding Del Rey. Adele has very fucking wealthy relatives TOO! Nobody has ever mentioned/questioned that, or attacked HER credibility; shes the only artist Lana couldnt beat on the Billboard charts; she debuted at #2, (#1 on itunes though.) because she couldnt knock Adele's 18 week #1 spot. (even though I like Lana's LP better, I love Adele, though shes far too overrated..) Lady GaGa's father is rich as well, you may hear some talk of that because of her insane fame; people attack everything about you when you reach THAT level of public scrutiny. Yet GaGa never took as much shit about her fams money in her whole career so far, than Lana has, just as its starting! And as an artist, and speaking for the 1000s of artists Ive known/know; ALL would use money given to them from a relative to help their art career! I certainly would! Wtf is wrong with that? Nothing. People seem to think shes just using money to "buy fame." Lana Del Rey isn't doing that at all, though certain other artists do just that all the time, some through their entire career; nobody ever calls them out! A great example is the almost 60 year old pop icon (key word: icon) Madonna; she "buys" her fame. I just wonder how much she bought Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. for, to guest on her new boring single; not to mention her most likely buying the Superbowl '12 halftime spot to promote her new record. (we've all heard how much a 30 second commercial on the SB costs..can you imagine an entire halftime performance?? Only artists like Madonna CAN buy promotion like that..) If Lana even WAS doing this, she would have debuted at #1; news anchors and bloggers who know NOTHING at all about the music industry should just shut up about things they are ignorant about. Lana is using money that ANYONE** would use to help her career. (**aside from a couple art snobs who literally WILL die of starvation to uphold their pretentious "principles"..)

Her performance on SNL was simply, not what people expected. Yes, she was visibly nervous while performing her work, for the 1st time ever on live/national television. It was very obvious she was, but she just went with it and gave a semi-ironic performance in my opinion. It was awkward, but as a performer I can't see any other way to save such a huge performance. I disagree that it was so awful to begin with, but ok, lets say this is in fact her worst performance; so what? Sense then she has did several stellar TV performances, go waste a few hours on youtube and see. And also from viewing youtube videos of her other live work; she seems like an excellent live artist. To me it seems she's a great new performer with a distinct style of her own; where do people get "manufactured pop" from? SNL was a tiny fluke at worst, that she redeemed; that's an outstanding stage performer. People were bitching because she didnt have a full record (LP) out yet (it came out like 4 days later..) and SNL's stage is somehow "sacred." Please. Ok, I'm not personally a fan of Ashley Simpson's music/work, but I even thought THAT old, uncalled for uproar was BS too. People are ignorant: EVERY guest, EVER on SNL has lip sang, except TWO (both refused to play if they had to..) Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. So every one of those other artists over the years has. Actually, ALL LIVE TV performances are lip sync 98-99% of the time, its just how TV works! Now Ashley did NOT redeem her onstage fuck up; she did the awkward dance; THAT'S what did her in. (still nobody talked about her being manufactured!) Chris Brown just simply cranks whatever hot club single he currently is trying to promote, for his TV spots (and he did exactly this on SNL..), and just dances, not even bothering to lip sync at least 80% of the time; sometimes never. Nobody seems to have a problem (to where it becomes a massive ordeal like this!)  with that; he's not even singing at all! (I don't have a problem with that, he dances; very well. My point is, that goes on without a word, and Lana's criticism is a goddamn top news story..) So people bitching about Del Rey is just beyond ABSURD to me. Like SNL joked, they've had many, um..questionable (artistically that is) artists on the show.

Many seem to think Lana is an "online/youtube star," and she didnt "deserve" to be there, and thats the main problem. No. ALL mainstream artists utilize the internet and specifically youtube now for promotion; the music industry has changed as a whole, significantly, because of social networks and youtube. Napster/all other 1st gen file sharing deals changed the industry (even MORE drastically) back then, now the internet is changing music/art yet again. I think its for the better and a great thing! Im ecstatic, that friends of mine/unknown artists/ect  are getting mainstream attention like magazine covers/articles, Mtv VMA nominations, ect. Its a good thing! I find it funny there's all this mess questioning Lana being on SNL, and next weeks music guest IS LITERALLY a "youtube star," again without ANY kind of record out: Karmin. Other than one single and a couple CDs worth of COVERS; which is her rise to fame online. Karmin (with her fiance) do really interesting covers of popular mainstream songs on youtube. My favorite is her cover of Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, & Lil Wayne's "Look At Me Now;" really neat cover! (though by sheer coincidence, the two members of Karmin at times remind me of the two old SNL characters who sang pop songs with a keyboard..Will Ferrell is the guy, remember? haha..) But isnt this the exact kind of "online/trendy" hot thing that so many are trying to say Lana is, and why she wasnt "SNL worthy?" Anyone can see Lana is more "legit" of an artist, come ON! I dont want to sit here and diss Karmin either, she seems like a good artist, but she IS an "online sensation thing" that is trying to reach mainstream radio and may well succeed. I think Karmin's single is catchy enough, they have talent, but what will happen if she (or he) mess up on their 1st live national TV performance?? The same unnecessary outrage as with Lana? I kinda doubt it because if you're reading this (pre-SNL performance next week) you probably don't even know who Karmin is; Lana had a few months worth of internet buzz prior; a LOT of it. Her fault?, um, no. I think it is a GREAT thing if SNL starts giving new/unknown artists such a break. Artists used to have to be HUGE, or at least have a big single out (^^ see the Baha Men, ect..) and thats why SNL's "stage" has such a big reputation and the cause for the Lana BS. But I HOPE SNL, along with the music industry, IS FORCED to change what artists to showcase; as the internet once again, is changing art in such a great way! Tyler the Creator would NOT have won best new artist on the VMAs last year, if not for the "wave" of artists coming out online. So to me (who also happens to be an artist..) its absolutely great, I'm happy to death these artists are making it/changing music and the music industry!

      I wont even waste my time talking about some of the other fucking stupid things Lana Del Rey's getting shit for; such as her lips. WHO CARES?? She denys ever having any work on her lips, she PROB did though (it looks that way to me..), but who cares? Only gossip mongers like Perez Hilton, care about shit like plastic surgery..Does the fact (or not..fact..) change the way the music sounds, no, come on. Some of the other things, if you can believe it, get even more trivial; I really have NO idea why this great new artist is having so much mud unjustly slung at her. There was an unnecessary amount of prementioned hype engulfing her; all internet hype. These are the same people who talked her up, then when they realized she wasn't Adele or Lady GaGa decided to swifty turn on her for very silly/irrelevent reasons, and sadly this may follow her around though this entire outstanding record. That's just incredibly fucked. I mentioned how the internet/youtube/ect has changed the industry so much, but here's an example of how that exact same great tool (the internet) could become a nail in a coffin that an artist may never even had to begin with. I will seriously be upset if people are still talking about these same things when her sophomore LP drops. Like I mentioned, what truly irritates me, is the people who will read some ignorant dick's blog or whatever, and never even give the artist a chance, when it may have been their favorite record of the year, or ever; that's the point. This isnt "did u hear Lady GaGa has a penis?" or stupid shit like that, people are saying she has no talent and deserves no recognition, on the basis of  some awfully ridiculous things, having nothing to even do with the art itself. I'm glad she's taking this much like the way SNL parodied her, it seems; just laughing it off, with a healthy dose of sarcasm, and continuing to perform and make her interesting music. That's all it should ever be about; an artist's ART. So keep singing with that haunting and distant stellar vocal style, adding an weird/eccentric twist on what (in the mainstream) IS starting to sound too similar, and as critics keep pretentiously complaining; keep on singing in their faces, with that sexy sarcastic smirk.

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Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" Music Video: My Explanation

I always have fun with the people at Vigilant Citizen, not that I don't believe there are crazy things out there; its just fun to mess with (in good fun, of course) those who take it laughably far; wild conspiracy theories stated as facts. ha. (not that all readers of that blog/forum users are like that; several are very cool people!) This was a post I made outlining what I believe is going on in Lana Del Rey's latest music video for "Born To Die."

Lana Del Rey, I freaking love Lana Del Rey! She has an amazing style Ive never heard done before, imo, shes great; I AM a big fan of her art/work. Her debut LP, Born To Die is not only the best record I've heard so far in 2012; its one of the best I've heard in a while; period. But I'm not reviewing her LP. And that's just all my opinion, but this essay really isn't about whether you like the artist/song/LP/ect.,it's about what I believe is the main meaning behind the video, and as I see symbolism, if its relevant, I'll point it out; don't ever take any of this without a grain of salt; it is just my opinion(s).

I'm not going to be getting heavily into such trivial things such as her billionaire father, her lip work/surgery, the discussion of her "credibility" as an artist, her SNL performance (which I dug! She WAS nervous & I think she made the best of it! I still say shes winning.), and ALL the other current gossip/facts/ect. surrounding this new artist/"it girl." Unfortunately, kinda. I certainly think her outstanding work should get all the attention in the world it deserves, (Im not an art snob! :D) of course, without becoming overrated, like many artists I'd put Lana in the same "category"/"genre" does happen. The genre being ; the artists ARE all are their own genres. Like Bjork, for example, what genre is Bjork?? Its "Bjork." I seriously tag her music that way! These artists are all still GREAT; but just overrated in some aspects. I wont name any but you know,...Radioh-*cough* ug..sorry. Florenc-*COUGh, chouh-GGH*..excuse me!-..*couFF*-Adel-OH! Yep: went there. ;) NOW; I ♥ Adele (despite her name reminding me of some1 evil from ages ago in my life and'd rather forget. lol.) and all the artists I mentioned though! Does her fathers money or fucking lip surgery, ect; have any bearring/somehow "change the sound of the music" on her songs/vocals/writing/sound of her music/the overall art; at ALL? Nope. So I wont be talking about that nonsense.

All those things have NOTHING to do with her art; to myself (and MANY others; she debuted at #2 on the Billboards; only Adele could beat her; and this is Adele's 18th[!!] week at #1..I still say Lana is this years Adele. They are very different artists, but I'd put her "sadcore" innovative style/art more w/artists like Adele & Florence; way before Lady GaGa or Beyonce. (and dont see why all the GaGa conparisions; she is NOTHING like GaGa! Lol!! Ok, other than they both have rich fathers. yawn.

Anyway, here are my ideas on what I believe the Born To Die music video means.

Born To Die: The Music Video - Interpretation
by @deadpopstar

Watch the video first, or most of this will make no sense. ABOVE.^^

And here's the lyrics, as they are very relevant to the video: (and just stellar songwriting!)
Feet don't fail me now
Take me to the finish line
All my heart, it breaks every step that I take
But I'm hoping that the gates,
They'll tell me that you're mine
Walking through the city streets
Is it by mistake or design?
I feel so alone on a Friday night
Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you're mine
It's like I told you honey

Don't make me sad, don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why
Keep making me laugh,
Let's go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
Choose your last words
This is the last time
Cause you and I, we were born to die

Lost but now I am found
I can see but once I was blind
I was so confused as a little child
Tried to take what I could get
Scared that I couldn't find
All the answers, honey

We were born to die
We were born to die

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane

Don't make me sad, don't make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don't know why
Keep making me laugh,
Let's go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
Choose your last words
This is the last time
Cause You and I
We were born to die
We were born to die

~ Lana Del Rey CO 2011-2012

The video ends and begins with Lana and the guy who plays her lover through out the video, with a normal American flag as the backdrop of the two embracing without their shirts. You could run wild with what this means,  (especially the many political things it could be saying..) it could mean a lot of stuff you could dream up. I think it's just a good way to start and cap the vid nicely, portraying the "all American" image presented in the video; the two certainly do have a pseudo-"all American" relationship/story portrayed in this video, which I'll be getting into.

Next we see Lana dressed in all white, (purity) sitting on a throne-looking seat, inside a lush, huge overbearingly bright, either; church, temple, or something of that sort. She wears a crown of roses on her head, which I've noticed in a lot of her various cover art and promo pics; I think it just means more of what this place as a whole partially represents; peace, joy, ect. She also has two tigers, who are docile/non-threatening (at least to HER, which is the point) at either side of her, I think they represent safety, but I have another idea on them that I'll say later. The tigers aside, she is all alone in here, this huge, massive space; all alone. Alone as she sings though out the video, it cuts often to her singing on her "throne," between the "main story" parts. I'll get into what I believe this place IS and means later. For now, I'll just say this place represents the "light half" of the video, while the next represents the "dark half."

Next are the shots of what I'll call the "main story" parts, of this unnervingly slow, (like a David Lynch film, which Ill get much more into..) but not too slow, paced video; which is perfectly fitting for the track. These are shot in a different style camera than the rich, lush, "why HD exists," long a$$ shots of her singing in the "temple," they are more dark in contrast to the pure light of the temple. I don't think this is just because most of these parts take place at night, I think its to show drastic contrast/duality (black/white) between the temple and the story, for a reason. This video is showing human duality overall, specifically with relationships, that's one main, maybe obvious, point the vid makes. The setting is "all American," but with a undertone/hint of "something is WRONG" underneath it all; which can symbolize many things, such as society..

The story begins happily, with the two meeting up, a good assumption they were already lovers; her dropping her suitcase, in joy, they embrace in love. Its all so happy, together they drive off in his car. Both make out, get high (as the song lyrics say), laugh, make love, ect; its all great fun in the beginning times. Most of the time is spent in the car; a typical symbol of the human life. Very common dream interpretation; like if you're driving a car and wreck, it means you're life is the car and/or or you believe it is, a "wreck." (a rough analysis, but I wont get off too far w/psychology..) As their time progresses, things seem tenser, the infamous "lost highway" shot, borrowed from about every David Lynch film, (not just The Lost Highway film) represents just that; metaphorically they are just riding into lost space; the relationship going sour as well. Speaking of (my 2nd fav film director!! :D ) David Lynch, I read that his films and their soundtracks were a big part of Del Rey's inspiration on this Born To Die LP/her work. (I AM a fan of hers & Mr. Lynch for YEARS; but I'm trying very hard to give a not too bias interpretation here..) And it shows musically, she has a lot of Angelo Badalementi-esque (the man who ominously/brilliantly scored most all of Lynch's films/work, many other great films though the years..) moments in her work, but I won't get off into music facts. Point is, if you have ever seen any Lynch films such as Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, or Mulholland Drive; are good examples; you'll notice a "slow dread pace," but purposefully, to build up the very SEEMINGLY "happy, all American" (relationships; their bulletproof happy facade starts, and sometimes inevitable, doomed endings; a major theme, specifically in this story) settings/themes/plots/ect; but in the end, show the dark, sinister underbelly of the "happy" story/society. 

The "lost highway shots" are one of Lynch's MANY "director trademarks;" such as the color blue, static TV screens, surreal fractured human psyches, LAMPS, telephones (usually unanswered, lol) , ECT. Lana has stated in interviews, she references/is highly inspired by (and wtf wouldnt she??ha.) his work. You can spot many Lynch references and such, in her other music videos/promos/art/work/ect. It helps spotting it all, if you're an unhealthily big David Lynch fan!

Lana Palmer - "You and I, Agent Cooper, we were-" ;)

^^ Laura Palmer, a main character for the outstanding Lynch film/series, Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks is a perfect example of the "all-American dream cliche life"/"the nauseating truth underneath it all" theme though out it; also the main theme of the story in this music video. Also Laura was self destructive in the flashbacks to her relationships too. The entire point of Laura's character/story/saga: Laura Palmer was Born To Die. ;)

This video's story is MUCH like the plot of a dreamlike, disjointed Lynch film, as the tragic, now obviously doomed couple, spin more out of control, the lover becomes progressively and obviously more "evil" and very abusive to her, now roughly kissing her, acting "scary," and doing the finger motion across his neck; (which she mockingly reprises later, in a shot of her on the throne) meaning death. The overall atmosphere changes, along with the cinematography; driving the "we are almost at the end.." point happening here. "Which leads us to the purposefully ambiguous ending, as the downward spiral of destruction ends. There is NO way you can say for certain what happened plot wise, as it just abruptly (right after final shots of him driving, disturbingly staring at her, as she looks pretty scared) shows a show of the car engulfed in flames and him; cinematically carrying her dead, bloody (Blood: symbolic often of innocent sacrifice) body in his arms away from the flames. (can be symbolic of destruction or rebirth; often after death) Now this could suggest a car crash, as he DOES have a bad looking wound/bruise on his head, but it could be argued that she did that to him in self defense. Which leads us to, did her lover purposefully kill her, and burn the car after? Its a very plausible theory, but it's left up to the viewer to decide as we don't see all of the story, (one of Lynch's tricks; not just with this music video; she is obviously, heavily influenced by him in all her art) so we only can look at the stuff shown; then decide from there. One fact is certain, at this point; she is dead.

The vid's basic plot in a sentence: A couple takes a wild drive though "life" (lyrics from the song: "come take a drive on the wild side.."), but as life takes its toll on them and their relationship, the grim reality of life is shown, in the form of death. 

Which brings me to the final part of this little essay; death. The track is called "Born To Die," and as I mentioned, the lyrical content of the song DOES play a heavy role/reflects in the video's content. So, at the end of "the story" Lana is dead. I think the shots of her in the temple are after the story, she is singing, dead, dressed in all white, literally in the "white light," as the lyrics again say. She sings this story, to the audience, as the video cuts back and forth from it. The temple = "light/white side" of this, and the "story" = "dark" side of the coin, as life can be a very dark journey often. She's dead in whatever interpretation of the afterlife the temple is, it isn't clear of any specific religion, some of the paintings/architecture suggest Christianity or Catholicism, but it isn't made certain. (that I personally am aware of..) But more so, I think, it is "HER specific" (or the director's, ect..) interpretation of the afterlife. Where she is "safe," two huge tigers guarding her, (from harm, she's safe here, from maybe the lovers intent to harm her?? More could possibly be said about the tigers' symbolic nature, but that's all I say they mean in MY interpretation; for NOW..this is a very dense vid, that has much more than my essay here.) sitting on a throne, in power; or maybe just control, of a former life; that spun out of control. Also the fact that she's alone makes me think this is her "own" idea of an afterlife, or even maybe a dream of one like, hey, a Lynch film! (another side theory..could be a big dream..Idk..) Or it could mean, her love was so intense/great (or insane, as the lyrics hint. "..you like your girls insane") that when it turned out so tragically, she'd prefer solitude forever in "her safe heaven." Many things point to the "he killed her" theory, I pretty much believe that, it's as if she's singing her own dark eulogy, the dark story of her murder, from a bright afterlife. "We were born to die."

There is one part toward the end where she walks down a long, giant hallway, mostly all in the DARK, (the temple is always normally bright/light..except in this small part..) of the temple. This is not the "main" temple room we see throughout the video, she also is dressed differently; it looks like they could be "sleep clothes," (still solid white though..) so perhaps the dream theory shouldn't be dismissed entirely. Either way she, is not in "complete control" like on her throne, and seems somewhat nervous, as she walks in the dark toward a kinda exaggerated huge/tall doorway, with what seems to be pure light behind it, as she opens it and walks though. We never see exactly where it leads to, in this disjointed video, with an out of order story; but I believe the door definitely leads to to the huge throne room/her heaven.

I say, this is the order: The "main story" takes place, she dies, finds herself walking through a half dark/half lit (from the door crack) hallway, and walks toward the light (which, sure one COULD go out on a limb and say that means illumination aka ▲Iluminati▲ and all that, but I don't believe everything involving light represents THAT stuff always; and not in this case; it doesn't fit into this video's story..), which is her personal afterlife, where she reflects on her melancholy life and the story of her once "happy" relationship with her lover, that becomes so destructive, it leads to her death. She, sings the songs lyrics, which reflect the entire thing. (and there's SEVERAL other lyrical references in the video that, I didn't point out, that can be looked for! :D And I may post more about this in the future, idk..)

So there is my interpretation of Lana Del Rey's music video for "Born To Die." I hope you enjoyed, if you decided to read it. Remember, there are SO many different people in this world, all with drastically different ideas/opinions; this is just mine. So feel free to comment/add any other ideas/anything not childish&hateful/ect!

I probably WILL review Lana's stellar Born To Die LP; I really am entranced by her highly innovative work, with a neat haunting aura, that I personally think is perfect art!


I definitively will be posting my thoughts on..ug..THIS: http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/84/nominees.html
Yeah, to say the least I dont exactly agree w/the Academy hardly at all this year, and will be posting my thoughts on the great films that came out this past year! Until then!!! :)

~P♥L♥U♥R♥~ @deadpopstar


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Much to come in 2012

So I did NOT pay hardly any attention to this blog, sense I made it about this time last year. I've been busy writing/blogging/ect on other places. Some of these articles/essays/ect I will be posting on here, as well as doing the majority of my writing here. Things written about on other sites/ect, I will archive here. HappY 2012!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love, does it exist in the sense "most" think, or is it fucking wires/chemicals in your brain just to make humanity reproduce?

If you would have asked me 6-7 months ago I would have said, love is fake/something WE humans made up; simply in order to repopulate.. This still may be the case. And I will be posting an essay I'm working on, covering this topic that I have thought about sense the 1st person I fell truely in love with. Oh, and you ask me now, someone very much in love, and seriously deserves it after the hellish nightmare that was 2010, I say I believe in love..or at least want to. ha. ;) More soon..


Saturday, May 7, 2011

mY me$$AgeZ aRE o.ver.p.lay.eD

     This blog is going to be my more primary blog, where I talk/rant about (mostly) current things. There will be strong language and highly opinionated content. Still just stating it's opinionated, isn't enough for some, so I usually point out that something is my opinion.., and also, if you are easily offended; you may not enjoy my posts at all. If this is the case I know exactly what you need to do: 1}.don't panic. 2}.stop reading and go to one of the billions of other websites. VERY easy there. ;)   
     So I'm trying to think of at least few few things I'll be talking about/ranting about on Disappear Here. I will review some cds and films that I decide to write reviews for. Also I might do some essays of an older bands/films/ect.; so there's always that too. Things that currently are bothering the fuck out of me, like 95% of television, (minus, HBO and Showtime: those are movie channels and their [great!] shows are the quality level of huge films, so they're like big movies chopped up, also Sundance and IFC are cool, but again, film channels), people who make (several, plus..) videos on youtube, the author Bret Easton Ellis' work (also some other writers Im thinking of are; Neil Gaiman, Elizebeth Wurtzel, Francisca Lia Block [once I read Dangerous Angels,Wasteland hopefully...],ect.), conpiracy theroies such as 911 and the current state of affairs with the government/country/world/ect.; MANY things I want to talk and rant about; so keep reading!
     I'll leave you with this; the new Lady GaGa video for her 2nd (and much better) single, Judas. The video does (as ecpected, but isn't really shocking..) use religious imagery/themes, that some my be offended by just to be offended by something. *rolls eyes* I think the vid is really a very neat spin on what I, and prob most expected. It also proves she's just influenced by Madonna, not ripping her off (BTW was close, but eh..by the sound of the 2nd single i think the cd will be great!); she helped make this vid (and a LOT of her art, the music aside, she has a big hand in, unlike most "pop" artists) and its so far in her head, you can tell she's got her own creative spin to put on her cool style of dark candy pop. The wardrobe was (as usual w/all GaGa vids) stellar; modern clothing, such as a dancer wearing leather pants and a new modern glittery tee; but also (all) wearring these scarf/robes, that show the clothers under well, but are colored tan like Jesus' time. (lots of neat little ideas packed in there, like all her vids, again, ha..) Also Norman Reedus playing Judas was very cool, aside from one big idie cult classic film, The Boondock Saints, most didn't know him until this fall when he was cast as a lead on the way badass show, The Walking Dead. Also the ending was laced with thick irony..I don't ever drop spoilers when something has just been released, (like this) so I don't wanna give the ending away, but I'll say she cleverly ended the video which is a clear message to the world; her fans, critiques, and everyone else.


Lady GaGa - Judas - Music Video

ps-I'll embed this vid properly when I figure out why I HAVE to link my youtube account w/my Google 1 and it wont let me, so I cant get the code currently. It will be up soon, Im sure it's also up on torrent sites if u want it 4eva and don't use youtube DLer.. Till then enjoy these screenshots from the vid while you have 2 put up w/a boring, plain link. :(

Sunday, February 27, 2011

mY pickS 4 the 2010 Academy Awards

My choices 4 the Oscars. The first choice is my choice of films out of the academy nominees.
Here's a link to the full list of them: http://www.imdb.com/features/oscars/2011/nominations
Below that, is MY personal choices of all the amazing films Ive watched in 2010!


Best Motion Picture: Black Swan
*MY choice: Operation: Endgame (closely followed by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Human Centepede)

Best Lead Female Performance: Natalie Portman for Black Swan
*MY choice: Noomi Rapace for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Sweden)

Best Lead Male Performance: Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network
*MY choice: Adrien Brody for The Experiment

Best Film Director: Darren Aronofsky for Black Swan
*MY choice: Floria Sigismondi for The Runaways

Best Writing (Original Story): Christopher Nolan for Inception
*MY choice: Nils Parker for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

Best Writing (Based On, Written For Film): Debra Granik for Winter's Bone
*MY choice: Lisa Cholodenko for The Kids Are Alright

Best Animated Feature: Lee Unkrich for Toy Story 3
*MY choice: Shinsuke Sato for Oblivion Island (aka: Hottarake no Shima) (Japan)

Best Cinematography: Roger Deakins for True Grit
*MY choice: Lisa Cholodenko for The Kids Are Alright

Best Editing: Jon Harris for 127 Hours
*MY choice: Edgar Wright for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Best Foreign Language Film: Giorgos Lanthimos for Dogtooth (Greece) (Amazing and very disturbing film!)
*MY choice: Niels Arden Oplev for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (Sweden)

Best Music Written for Motion Picture: Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Atticus Ross for The Social Network
*MY choice: Same. ;)

Best Visual Effects: Tim Burton and others for Alice in Wonderland
*MY choice: Robert Rodriguez for Machete


I left out a few catergories, mainly because I didn't want to be redundant..Black Swan deserves to clean up this year (but I get the feeling it won't sadly..) Oh it will win some Oscars, but 4 some reason I don't think this will get film of the year. But it should!!! (at least out of the Academy's choices.) I love all of this director's films, Darren Aronofsky is amazing. But not only that, two of my favorite actress (Portman and Ryder) and one of my fav new actresses (Kunis) all gave stellar performances. It was just all around a perfect film, like all of Aronofsky's films sense Pi. I hope it cleans up, we shall see soon!

Now these are awards that do not exist, they are mine and my opinions..


Best New Actor: Thomas Dekker for Kaboom, A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 Version), and (!) All About Evil (This guy is great, I liked him in Jennifer's Body last year and knew he would be big, but I didn't expect him to be in 3 great films in 2010!)

Best New Actress: Mila Kunis for Book Of Eli and Black Swan (HANDS DOWN, she's this years' Ellen Page. Like Thomas Dekker my pick for best new actor, I saw this coming with past performances, and I don't mean Jackie. ha.)

Best New Director: Debra Granik for Winter's Bone (I loved this film and all, but I still can't believe that it made it to the Oscars, Sundance is one thing..but I never imagined it would get this much attention. I'm just happy to see talent of this magnitude coming from a few miles where I live..er..lived, and partied A LOT. ha.)

Best Horror Film: TIE: Aja Alexandre for Piranha (2010 Version) and Tom Six (my runner up for best new director..) for The Human Centepede

Best Comedy: Nils Parker for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (actually this is a 2009 film released at the end of the year, so I think of it as a 2010 film. Between this and my pick for film of the year (Operation: Endgame), Darko Productions is just doing great things and pushing 'shock comedy' far beyond people like Adam McKay, Seth Rogan, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill,ect ALL of whom I like, but the Darko films are pushing hysterical boundries. Bravo!)

Most Innovative Film: Lars Von Trier for Antichrist (this film was one of the 3 or 4 films I watched this year that actually shocked ME!)

Worst Film: Clash Of The Titans (I love mythology of all kinds, and love this story...but it was like 3 films worth of content shoved in 2 hours and idk..this movie just let me down. The ONLY good thing I can say about it was the 3D was neat at parts, but that's it. Too bad this could have been good..)

Honerable Mentions: (Just great films that I didn't mention, soon after the Oscars I'm going to post my top everything of 2010 on here, but am still working on my infamous yearly lists.)

The Fighter
The Hills Run Red
Martyrs (France)
The Other Guys
The Road
Ink (United Kingdom)
Cop Out
A Woman A Gun And A Noodle Shop (China)
Kick Ass

The Exam
A Perfect Getaway

...and SOOOO many more, some I know Ive forgotten at the time. There were a lot of stellar films I watched in 2010! See u next time (soon, I still have some 2010 albums and films to watch/listen to) for my yearly lists!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

The First Slaughter

OK, so I'm starting a new blog. I don't care if you have problems with what I write, and if you do, I probally dislike you severely.. Anyway...to be continued (yet never concluded..) soon.